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It’s tempting to throw your money at every seasonable trend the fashion world has to offer. And really, we don’t blame you! But sometimes it’s wiser to invest in certain pieces you know you’ll use time and again as the foundation to a great wardrobe. Here are a few tips when building up your style portfolio!

Make garments multitask

You should be able to wear an investment piece in at least three different ways. Wearing it only once in a while relegates it to “trendy” status – not something you want to spend big bucks on!

Shop around

There’s no need to get all your best pieces at one store; feel free to play the field! This will not only help you get the best deal, but can familiarize you with the quality of various shops and online retailers.

Make sure it fits

There’s nothing worse than buying a classic, expensive item you never get to wear because it’s the wrong size. Make sure to shop for the body you have – not the one the garment will fit if you were ten pounds thinner or two inches taller.

Save trendy for the accessories

If you still want to look up-to-date in your investment pieces, never fear! You have total license to spend money on cheaper, trendy accessories that will have you looking fresh this season!