Are you tired of years of wearing the wrong bras? Maybe you know something’s off about one of the most important garments in your wardrobe, but you’ve no idea how to set it right. Let the following tips lift you up, both physically and emotionally!

Don’t just go up or down a size

Have you lost or gained weight recently? Don’t think you’re limited to just going up or down a size in your favorite bra brand. Many brands work differently across sizes, which means you can try labels that never fit you before!

Get out of your comfort zone

Everyone wants to be comfortable in their bra, but to find the right one, you may have to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t just keep going back to the same bra or brand every time you buy. Manufacturers are constantly coming up with new styles. Not only might you find something you like, but you won’t be devastated when your favorite bra is discontinued!

Build a bra wardrobe

Just as with your regular clothes, you need different varieties of bras for work, play, exercise, et cetera. That means smooth bras for T-shirts, sports bras for cardio, lacy ones for romantic nights, and so on. Throw in some pretty straps to cover your bras when you’re out of strapless, and voila! A solid foundation of lingerie for every area of your life!