Once women graduate college and start heading into the workplace, one of the first sacrifices they make is fashion.

And who can blame them? With a beginner’s budget and a need to be taken seriously, work isn’t exactly the best place to show how chic you are. Here a few tips to look your best while still climbing that corporate ladder.

Say it with color

You may be relegated to pencil skirts and pants suits from nine to five, but who says they have to be in neutrals? Fun, bright colors make an outfit come alive without being overtly inappropriate.

Accessories are your friend

There may be rules about how low collars can go, and how high hemlines can be, but accessories are a free-for-all. They can denote flea market finds, cultural background or even your DIY skills!

Really wear your hair

Don’t think your follicles can be part of fashion? It’s time to start looking up! Experimenting with new lengths and styles is a great way to change your look without spending a dime on clothing. Talk about rocking what you already own!