15493563 - young woman sitting on sofa shopping online with shopping bags.

In today’s post, an all-important question will be answered: What, exactly, do buying clothes and seeking dates on the internet have in common?

Certain things can be misrepresented

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward online. So, it’s not unusual for potential mates – or clothing sellers – to fib about certain things. Six-foot-two becomes five-foot-five. “Real leather” becomes “as good as leather.’ This is clear-cut case of “buyer beware.” As they say, trust … but verify (if you can).

The fit varies
Not every guy is right for every gal, and vice versa. Likewise, that fabulous A-line skirt may look great on the online model, but only so-so on you at home. Some folks seem amazing in their profile but when you see them across the coffee bar … meh. And, as always, sometimes, the size is a little too big or (ahem) too small!

When it’s a perfect match, you just know

There’s that twinkle in the eye, that tug of the heart, the meeting of the souls that means destiny! When you find your perfect online match, just like in real life, you know it’s meant to be. I now pronounce you married … to fashion!