Fashion ShowReasons why fashion is a key part of our lives

For years, fashion has been associated with vacuous supermodels and conspicuous consumption. But there’s much more to fashion than stereotypes. It’s the cornerstone of many of the things we hold dear.


Outer body coverings and adornments have been used for centuries to mark the members of a particular culture, or tribe. Even as far back as ancient Rome, togas were draped differently – or were more elaborate – depending on who wore them and why. Today, military enlistees have uniforms in various colors and styles so, that there’s no mistaking which branch they represent. Fashion is your way of shouting to the world, “This is who I am and where I’m from!”


There’s a saying that “Fashion is wearable art.” Just as donning particular items of clothing mark you as the member of a culture, they can also proclaim your individuality. There’s a lot of wiggle room in the types of things you wear (and can even create!) within the bounds of your tribal garb. Put a daring scarf on that prep school uniform, or live by your own color code. Make what you wear scream, “I just gotta be me!”