23265657 - woman fastening her bra female getting dressed

When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, what is the most important part of your outfit? The top? The bottom? The overlayer, like jackets and coats? Maybe it’s the shoes . . . no. Here’s why the most crucial piece of clothing is one few people will ever see.


The wrong bra can constrict your torso (and therefore, your lungs) in ways that make breathing difficult. There’s no point in huffing and puffing through your day. It is possible to breathe easy and look great doing it. So choose a bra that comfortably supports all your . . . endeavors.


It affects the way clothing drapes (i.e., how well it lies on your body). The wrong bra will have you shifting and bulging in all the wrong places. There’s no point in wearing that expensive designer dress if the only thing it shows off are your perceived problem areas.


Very few women are one hundred percent satisfied with their breasts. Some wish they were bigger, others smaller, more symmetrical, perkier, et cetera. But the great thing about the right bra is that it can make your gals look the way you always wanted them to!