7796190 - vibrant blue polka dot bra isolated on white

Bras get a lot of hate, and rightfully so. They’re tight. They ride up. Shopping for them is nearly impossible. But bras exist for a reason. Here are three reasons why ladies still love ‘em:

They put a stop to flop

Face it: Your breasts are made of fat and mammary glands surrounded by muscle wall. When you walk, jump and otherwise move around, the weight of that tissue pulls on the muscle, which can hurt. Bras keep your pals in place so all your movements can be pain-free.

They’re versatile

Bras don’t only come in one size and shape. Sporty ones are perfect for exercising, leaving you with the silky, sensuous ones to whip out on date night. And with new inventions like bra strap covers, you don’t always have to rely on a strapless bra for that off-the-shoulder outfit!

They show the world you’re an adult

Whether you were squealing with delight over your first training bra, or were hauled kicking and screaming into the dressing room by your mom, bras mean you’ve arrived. They show the world you’re a woman now, not a little girl. Now, go out there and let them hear you roar!