Nothing to wear concept, young woman deciding what to put on

How to go from fashion zero to hero without leaving your bedroom

Do you ever feel like you’ve got a closet full of nothing to wear? Stop using the same go-to outfits every time, and get ready to mix things up. The best part? This “shop your closet” method is free!

Make your fav’s your building blocks
Pick an item that you absolutely love, and work the day’s wardrobe around it. If this means starting with an accessory, so be it! In fact, we think it’s a great idea. How else will you wear those chunky red heels you’ve been dying to show off?

Put a ring on it
No, we don’t mean add more jewelry. Instead, put a ring around your waist by wearing a belt. Not only does it change the whole look of the outfit, but it gives you instant shapeliness too!

Put the grrr in girl
Your look doesn’t have to be super-feminine or boyfriend style — you can do both! Pair a frilly dress with a bomber jacket, or a studded belt with a cashmere sweater. Go all out glam makeup with a plain plaid shirt, or don peplum skirt with cowboy boots.