Good looking Latin couple drinking coffee and smiling on their first date at a restaurantGoing out with someone for the first time? Knock ‘em dead with these wardrobe tips.

Ack! First date stress! Where to go, what to do, and most importantly, what to wear.
A first date outfit can set the tone for the entire (hopefully long) relationship. With our tips below, you need never fear making the wrong impression again!

Dress for the occasion
Remember, you’re not only dressing for the date, but what you’re doing on the date. Don’t wear your sophisticated duds to a pizza parlor, or your fashionably-ripped jeans to that upscale gallery opening.

Color yourself impressive
Sometimes, it’s not so much the outfit as the hue that renders you striking. Colors have a profound effect on the human psyche; your date is more likely to remember that dazzling dress if it’s a strong shade that suits you well.

Be comfortable (yes, we said it!)
We often suffer for fashion, but it’s a bad idea on a first date. Why? Because the real you will have trouble shining through if your heels are killing you. So leave those six-inches stilettos (and itchy sweaters, and too-tight belts) at home!

Show off your ass(ets)
Every girl has a feature on herself she doesn’t like—and one or more she does. Whatever that is to you, rock it, whether it be beautiful eyes, a killer smile, or a bewitching bum!