tiredDo the winter blahs have you in a fashion rut? Do you wake up in the morning thinking, “If I have to bundle up one more day, I am going to flip out!” With another month or so of less than desirable weather for most of the country, we thought why not come up with a few ways to plow through the melting snow in addition to the end of winter in style. Without further ado, choose an option below and trust spring will be here before you know it!

1. Treat yourself to a new scarf. A simple and inexpensive purchase, a new scarf will spice up your tired winter coat and serve as a comfy outfit topper once your coat is hung up for the season. Go ahead – choose a color or fabric that’s been on your mind lately and enjoy the fact that most winter items are on big-time sale right now.

2. Shop the spring trends. If you need an escape from the winter chill, curl up with your laptop and get lost in the spring 2016 trends. Perhaps you will pin your favorite items as you create your virtual spring wardrobe. We are certain that by envisioning a warmer weather wardrobe, spring will get here faster!

3. Begin planning your storage strategy. Start to divide your closet into items you will store for the season and items that can be worn year round. Do your winter items need a dry cleaning before storing? Do you need to invest in air tight bins or storage bags?

When the time comes, make your new scarf the last item you pack away for the winter promising a fun surprise when it’s time to pull out your winter wardrobe next season. And with your storage strategy firmly in place, use the extra room in your closet for those fresh new spring items you have your eye on! Hang in there, fashionistas, spring is around the corner!