You’re no damsel in distress. You’re a strong, independent woman … but once in a while, every gal needs a rescue. See what happens in the following potentially disastrous scenarios before bra strap covers swoop in to save the day.

Important work meeting

It’s your moment to shine. Today’s the big meeting with the boss – the one where you discuss all the important things. It could end in a raise, a promotion, a new position … or, if it goes south, a boot out the door. You have the perfect top to make the right impression, but it shows your bra straps. The boss is never going to go for that. What’s this? Thank goodness! A bra strap cover in a demure, professional color that lets your employer know you want to be taken seriously.

Big date

This could be the one. Your first date with that new guy your friend set you up with. He sounds amazing. In fact, he sounds perfect. If things go as planned tonight, you could even be engaged in a year! But your outfit has to be flawless. You have the ideal top, but it leaves your bra straps exposed. You want this guy to know you put effort into your wardrobe choices. But where did you put … YES! Bra strap covers FOUND! With them snapped on, you’ll achieve peak date potential.

Meeting the family

Okay, so the first date was amazing. So was the second and third. After a while, you’re ready to meet Mr. Right’s family. But you have to make just as good an impression on them as you did on him. And you can’t do that with your bra straps showing. If only you had … there they are! Bra strap covers that convey a classy, timeless feel. Now you’re ready to go out there and show them you’re MRS. Right!