65879359_MSigh. You saw it coming long before your partner did. The mullet. The poncho. The short-lived “mom jean” trend. A fashion break-up was definitely in the works. But how do you know when it’s time?

It’s out of date

If you still think, for instance, that bra straps are a liability, your style may be out of date. These days, there are tons of options for dressing up your straps so that you’re proud to show them to the world. The same goes with your peplum phase, one-stripe cheek blush, and anything else that should’ve stayed in decades past. Either use it to your best advantage – or lose it!

It makes you uncomfortable

There seems to be this unwritten rule you have to suffer in the name of fashion. But we say if a rule’s unwritten, let it go! Tear it up, throw it away, burn it – do whatever you have to do to get it out of your closet and out of your life.

It’s not “you”

Maybe, at one point, you put the article on and felt totally like yourself. But not anymore. So why are you keeping it around? Kick that thing to the curb and make room for a new clothing relationship in your life!