A shot of an asian woman shopping outdoor

Any girl who’s ever gone bra shopping can attest to what a chore it can be. Here are the top 3 secrets of bra shopping to get in and out of that dressing room pronto!

Be open to possibilities

For most women, bra-shopping is like picking up toiletries – we tend to go for the same thing every time. But it pays to be open to different styles and manufacturers. There are always new and exciting things happening in the world of bras. Plus, you never know when your favorite one will be discontinued!

Pick the right bra for the job

Your “t-shirt” bra may not cut it when it comes to wearing that bridesmaid dress. And we’re not just saying that because the dress is strapless! Different bras actually make your clothing fit differently. Make sure the one you pick flatters the outfit you’re wearing – bring the outfit with you if you can.

When you must shop online

When getting to the store for bras isn’t an option, see if the online retailer displays them on an actual person rather than a mannequin. You’ll get a much better sense of how the bra fits a real woman’s body, and hopefully, be less likely to send it back.