38453153 - beauty model girl with bow hairstyle over polka dots backgroundThey say “the devil’s in the details,” but you know what? Maybe there are miracles to be found there as well. Like accessories that can transform an outfit, a mood and even an entire person.

A vest

No one talks nearly enough about vests. The right fit and cut can make you look curvy if you’re not. In addition, if you’re a full-figured woman who still needs to look business-like, a looser vest can smooth out your curves.

A hip belt

These aren’t those skinny little string pieces you see cinched around every girl’s middle. Heavier and wider, a hip belt sits much lower on the waist. It can work miracles with the right outfit, elongating your torso and perking up your butt. And yes, you can still wear this belt if you have thicker hips – it actually makes them seem smaller!

A bra strap cover

If your outfit is perfect in every way except for that darn bra strap peeking out, a bra strap cover can do more than save the day. It can change everything about your outfit, taking it from formal to informal, or professional to sexy. So throw one over your shoulder (or shoulders), and be prepared to see yourself – and your outfit – in a whole new light!