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The right bra can give you a lift | Perteh

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The right bra can bring a lift to your day – in more ways than one! Take a look below to find out how.

The right fit

A bra that fits correctly can change your entire shape. It doesn’t just affect your boobs, but also your posture, making you look taller and slimmer. It can even impact the way your clothes fit. Who knew that the right bra could make it seem like you had a whole new wardrobe?

Slip into something comfortable

When a bra itches, digs into your torso or irritates you in a million different little ways, you can spend the whole day scratching, shifting and sighing. You probably can’t wait to get it off when you walk in the house! But a comfortable bra lets you go about your day without the myriad distractions that the wrong bra creates.

Build our confidence

If you’re wearing an old, ratty bra, it’s hard to feel good – no matter what you’re doing. You’re always secretly wondering if other people are judging you – as if they had X-ray vision! Of course, while that isn’t true, a well-made bra makes you feel beautiful … even if only your most intimate associates ever catch a glimpse.