You know you can’t leave the house without at least a bra and underwear. But let’s get real: Sometimes, a girl needs a little more to help reveal her best self under all those clothes. Here are the hidden pieces that will make any outfit sing.

Shapely shorts

High waist-shaping shorts can be lifesaver when it comes to smoothing out your entire lower half, including your stomach. However, it also cinches in your waist so your curves are accentuated, but not overdone.

Complete control

The body control suit is perfect if you have the opposite problem from the one above: Your trouble areas are all above the waist. It even has a built-in bra with cups that fit perfectly with your new silhouette.

Let’s be brief

Control briefs are your go-to when you want to “keep it together” in the stomach and waist department. They’re especially favored by new (post-pregnancy) moms who are working on getting back their pre-baby bods.

Can we cami?

Unlike an ordinary cami, a smoothing cami takes care of the annoying fat that seems to bulge out wherever you set your bra. Even under a basic tank, they’ll make you look slimmer and taller – so you can hold your head up high!