Sports bras used to be the equivalent of your ratty old sleeping pajamas: comfortable enough to get the job done, but not exactly easy on the eyes. But today’s fitness lingerie is as pretty as it is practical. See why modern sports bras are designed to take you from workout to everyday wear!

On the go – no time to stop!

It used to be that you had to change out of your sports bra the minute your workout ended. And you wouldn’t even think of wearing it under regular clothes so you could start your fitness routine as soon as you got off work or school. But all that’s changed. Hybrid sports bras are so flattering, they work just as well as your other bras for a variety of activities.

Oh so comfortable

Remember when sports bras were just something you had to deal with during a workout, like that last half-mile run or that excruciating set of extra reps? The scratchy fabric, the smooshed-in feeling? Not anymore! Today, you can get ones whose comfort mimics that of your favorite t-shirt bra!

Made for sweat

Hybrid sports bras are no patsies when it comes to getting a job done. Not only do they look and feel good (like regular bras), but they don’t let form interfere with function: like keeping you cool. Their sweat-wicking and breathable fabrics make sure you look hot – not overheated – during your workout!