You talk to your best friend about everything – jobs, parents, dates. But how do you bring up the most, er, intimate topic of all? Here’s how to explain to your bestie that her bra is all wrong.


A good way to start out is to empathize with your friend. Let her know you know where she’s coming from. You can start out saying something like, “You know how when you finally find the perfect bra, and then they stop making it?” Chances are good she’ll understand. She may be wearing the wrong bra because it’s comfortable, or it worked at one time, or both!


Next, offer up the compliments. “You’re in such great shape! And you always pick clothes that look awesome. I wish I could do that!” This lets her know that the problem isn’t her. It’s just the bra.


The final step is to hit her with the truth: The bra she’s wearing doesn’t flatter her. Offer to go with her to pick out something better suited. Let her know there are even “bra consultants” these days – and you can provide moral support while she meets with one. Who knows? You may just end up getting something for yourself!