Money and financial planning, young hispanic self-employed womanHow to look great on a shoestring budget

Your wallet’s anemic, your bank account is gathering flies, and you’re down to your last package of Ramen. But if you can squeeze a few more pennies out of that paycheck, we can show you how to look like a million bucks!

Talk to your tailor

Whaaa? We’re telling you to spend more money? Yes, but hear us out – a good tailor is worth their weight in gold. Clothes that fit your body correctly will always look like you spent more – even if you spent less.

Shave for style

Yes, again we’re telling you to make a tiny investment: in a fabric shaver. These cheap little devices will ensure that any knitted pieces you have will always look fresh-bought.

Get steamy

Sometimes, in order to look sexy, you’ve got to get steamy. We mean steam or iron your clothing, of course! Wrinkles are a surefire way to look like you went diving into the discount bin – not the designer sale rack.

Have a blackout

There’s a reason black is always chic, and it’s not just because it’s a neutral. Black hides stains and repairs well, so your ultra-dark pieces will always look new – and that never gets old!