Shakespeare himself said “Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” And while it’s true, there’s no reason you can’t rock this season’s hottest styles before cold weather comes!


This sweet, charming pattern is making a comeback on everything from dresses to body bags. To avoid the over-sugary look, try using it in accessories only.

Furry slippers

Sometimes known as “slides,” these kitten-heeled slippers with a row of fuzz across the toes heralds the heyday of Hollywood glamour. Wear them around the house with a string of pearls to feel like a movie star.

One-piece bathing suits

If you despise bikinis, 2017 is your year. The one-piece bathing suit is making a comeback, freeing women everywhere from the tyranny of needing perfect abs.


These fun (and cheap!) accessories no longer need to be associated with the Girl Scouts, or those grueling childhood camping trips. This summer, style them in your hair for farmhouse girl flair!

Straw bags

This summer’s must-have carry-all is a classic: the straw bag. You can’t go wrong bringing this one to the beach. But be sure to put your own spin on it by scoring one in a sun shape, with tassels or sporting a unique handle.