Finally! Winter is over, and it’s time to start flaunting something fun and trendy. You were so over Uggs and cardigans, anyway, right? Here are a few things to love about styles that only come out when the weather turns warm!

Light and airy

No longer weighed down by heavy winter coats, scarves, boots, et cetera, spring is a time when you can really let loose! Get away with wearing less (though not as little as in the summer) with this season’s styles, such as stripes, athleisure suits and oversized bags.

The colors

Spring fashion mimics the colors of Mother Nature around it. While somber hues reign during fall and winter, spring bursts into bloom with the bright pigments of red flowers, green grass and blue skies. Try this season’s focus on blush pink to be especially chic – the same color as soft roses, baby cheeks and bunny noses!

Go retro

Celebrate springs of decades past (or maybe your mom’s past decades): the ’80s is back this spring! Go hog wild on past styles such as gold lamé, punk-meets-princess, and ruffled everything! For extra points, score some shoulder pads, high-waisted jeans or an acid-washed denim jacket.