23265657 - woman fastening her bra female getting dressed

Most of us know how to put on a dress or a nice pair of jeans. But one thing your mamma may not have taught you was the correct way to don a bra. Let’s fix that.

What not to do

If you’re like many women, you start by looping the bra around your middle, then doing up the hook. You turn the bra around and put the straps over your shoulders, adjusting the cups over your breasts.

But there’s a number of reasons not to do this. One, you’re stretching out the bra band, which can limit the lifespan of your bra. Two, pulling the straps up stretches them out, which can mean they’ll be too loose when you finally do get the bra on.

The right way to throw on a bra

There is a better way to put on your bra. Try this: put on the bra face forward, with the straps over your shoulders and the cups in front. Lean forward so that your breasts fall neatly into the cups. Reach behind yourself with both hands and fasten the bra clasps.