Woman fortuneteller with crystal ball in darknessWhat if you had a fashion crystal ball?

You don’t have to be a style psychic to see the trendy writing on the wall. Just take a look at some of the fashion and beauty ideas likely to pop up this year, and get ahead of the curve!

Start the year with a bang

Make that plural — the forecast is for bangs to be back in a big way. But these aren’t the Punky Brewster bangs of yesteryear; think long bangs, face frames, and serious statement fringe!

Strut your (short) stuff

Long hair is out; short is where it’s at! Look forward to bobs, pixie cuts, and even girlish twists on the buzz cut this year. It’s all about keeping hair light and manageable.

Color you blue

Want a break from black being the new black? Introducing true blue! Prognosticators sense this shade will shortly be the world’s most beloved hue for the next twelve months.

Give ‘em some lip

For 2016, don’t be afraid to mouth off — with bold lips, that is. Forget the blend-in neutrals; stand out by painting your pucker in bright and unusual shades.

For all the single ladies

Here’s one for all the single ladies: a single braid down the back is back! Gone are the days of doubles, the French braid, the fishtail. Rock it this year by proclaiming your “single” status!