What do you do when you want to look hot, but not be hot? In other words, is there a way to get your makeup to stay put, even while beads of perspiration threaten to undo it? Perteh says yes!

Don’t oil ‘er up

One of the reasons makeup slides off during the summer is not sweat, but oil. Your pores naturally secrete small amounts of oil all the time so try an oil-free foundation and primer. This will help the rest of your makeup stay in place, even when your natural “oil level” starts to rise during the day.

Less is more

Many women pile on makeup during the summer; an insurance policy against some of it inevitably melting away. However, this can backfire since excess makeup that cakes up tends to fall off anyway! Instead, look to minimize your makeup, and use cream blushes and eye shadow instead of potentially flaky powder.

Waterproof for oomph!

Want that extra something that makes summer makeup sizzle? Waterproof mascara, foundation and similar products are your answer. They may not help makeup last during a dunk in the pool but they’re designed to look good even after summertime sweat takes a toll on your face!