42328747 - close up of women trying on shoes in shoe shop

It’s the perfect time of year to put your best foot forward and start showing off those pretty peds! Here are some shoe styles to rock in the coming months.

Old-fashioned shoes

Slingbacks are making a comeback in 2017. You may recognized them as a style popular from the 1920′s to the 1940′s, but now, they’re hotter than ever. Finally – something you and your grandma have in common!

More ’90s trends

Fashion’s love affair with the ’90s continues with a focus on velvet shoes this season. Enjoy plushness in everything from heels to sneakers. Can plaid button-downs and choker necklaces be far behind?

Heavy metal

And the metallic trends continues with shiny tones of gold, silver, and bronze all over your footwear. The eye just can’t help being drawn to a pair of sparkly sneaks!

Anything quirky

If it makes you smile, add it to your shoes! Charms, rhinestones, tassels . . . if it’s fun and funky, stick it on those suckers!