40764154 - young positive woman in a poncho walking in the street.

You may have noticed this season’s trend of just throwing a blanket over oneself and calling it coat. Actually, the correct term for his type of outerwear is “poncho.” Here’s how to not to look like you ran out of the house with a rug over your shoulders.

“Where” to wear it

Ponchos are great when it’s cold outdoors – or indoors. But don’t wear it when you’ll be returning from a sweaty workout, or you know you’re going to that super-warm dentist’s office. Think of a poncho as the new overcoat, and plan accordingly.

Shape up

A poncho will quickly make you look twenty pounds heavier if you don’t know how to wear it. The key? Define your waist by slapping a belt or scarf around it. That way, the poncho is cinched in, instead of looking like you wrapped a bed sheet around yourself.

Be yourself

Don’t get a poncho just to be fashionable. Make sure it suits your colors and style – yes, there are all sorts of ponchos out there! If you wouldn’t ordinarily wear stripes or Southwestern colors, don’t do them in a poncho. Go for rainbow, neon or whatever feels most like you!