Have you noticed the color pink popping up everywhere lately? Not just on bubblegum and toddler tutu’s, but on grown women? Don’t worry: there’s a good explanation. Today’s youth is just embracing the trend of “millennial pink!”

Wear it like a twenty-something

What, exactly, is millennial pink? It’s not the bright pink of your grade-school years. It is intended to be ironic; a more subdued, rosy, sometimes peachy-pink. It’s the millennials’ way of saying “Pssst! We love pink. But not too much.”

Wear it sparingly

Unless you want to look like you’re dashing off to see Ken at your Malibu beach, do not dress in pink from head to toe. Choose only one garment or accessory to pink-ify. And yes, of course you can include your hair – either just a strand, or a whole head-ful!

Wear it everywhere

Is there a way to wear the new pink sparingly and everywhere? Yes! As long as you keep it to a minimum on your person, this purely millennial color is perfect for all occasions. It’s romantic enough for a first date, gentle enough for dinner with the folks and flirty enough for a girl’s night out.