You’ve been wearing sweaters since grade school. You’re pretty sure there’s nothing new to learn about this simple criss-cross of yarn or wool. Yes, you may think you know them, but here are a few ways to do “adulting” with this cold-season clothing.

Dress them up

No one says sweaters are only for your upper half. Sweater dresses are sexy without revealing too much skin – especially if you wear them with leggings. Throw a belt around that sucker, and ta da! Instant waist for all sizes and shapes!

Dress them down

Sweaters are truly equal opportunity when it comes to pairings. Unlike silk blouses, which can only be worn with nice slacks and skirts, sweaters don’t care if you put them over elegant trousers or worn-in jeans. They’re truly an egalitarian garment!

Color me fashionable

One of the many great things about sweaters is the wide variety of colors they come in. You can wear a sparkly one for New Year’s, a pink one for Valentine’s Day, green for St. Patrick’s Day … the list goes on and on. It’s hard to find another garment that works so well with any color palette.