34799884 - suffering young woman having pain in chestIt’s a conversation no BFF wants to have: telling someone close to you that she’s making major fashion mistakes. But if you don’t do it, who will? Here’s how.

Get her alone

No one wants to be told in front of their peeps how badly they messed up. So, do your friend a favor: Treat her to lunch, make a similar friendly gesture. Be gentle with your criticism, and expect denial and defensiveness from her. But be firm and remember: You’re doing this because you’re her friend!

Be specific

“Honey, your outfit sucks!” isn’t only cruel, it’s vague, which isn’t helpful. Be specific in your critique. What, in particular, doesn’t work about her sense of style? Or if there’s anything positive to build on (and there always is), be sure to mention it. Maybe the two of you can work together to get her where she needs to be!

Buy her a bra strap cover

Is part of your friend’s problem the fact that she wears a bra, but goes bare-shouldered? Showing off a bra strap can send the wrong message (especially in formal or professional situations). Get your friend a little gift of a cute bra strap cover. It’ll subtly send the right message – and hopefully get her started on a path to being a fashion “do!”