11189866 - charming young women sitting on a sofa with cups in a living roomYou love your friends, and you know the bond you have with them is much more than skin-deep. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for their fashion sense. Like it or not, people judge others partly by how they dress. So how do you let your friend know, gently, that her wardrobe is holding her back?

Work in teams

One person’s opinion can easily be brushed off. But if a couple of close buddies tell you that you need to EYS (Examine Your Style), it’s a lot more likely to be taken seriously. Get a few other BFFs to back you up on this one.

Get her when she’s flying high

The day after a passed-over promotion or bad breakup is not the time to tell your friend she’s unfashionable. Tackle the topic when she’s in a good mood. For instance, “Congrats on your new job! Why don’t we go pick out some ‘wearable art’ for your office?”

Make it fun

Let your friend know you’re there to help her through her couture conundrums. Offer to do a makeover, or be her personal shopper for a day. Bonus: You may end up getting some new fashion ideas yourself!