Thumbs up fitness woman in sports bra close up3 ways to love your over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.

Getting your first bra was probably a rite of passage, and at the time, you were excited. Finally – instead of a little girl, you began to feel like a grown-up woman! But once a few years have gone by, you begin to see your bra as more of a burden than a boon. Here are a few fixes.

Don’t let form follow function

Sure, your bras have to be hardworking, lifting you up all day long. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful too. Instead of purchasing the plain-Jane bras you’re used to, make bra-shopping fun by indulging in beautiful designs.

Get the right size

You may not hate your bra for the bra’s sake; it’s actually possible you’ve been wearing the wrong one all along. Having a professional fitting can make a world of difference in how your bra looks and feels.

Show straps who’s the boss

Visible straps are the bane of the bra world, instantly downgrading any classy outfit. But designer straps can put an end to these kissin’ cousins of the panty line. A quick snap to both sides of your shirt, and that unsightly strap is gone for good! Out of sight, out of mind.