?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????No one wants to be that girl. You know the one – she’s always shifting her weight, tugging uncomfortably at her strapless bra that just won’t stay up. Here’s how to find the right strapless bra so you can just be yourself!

Band together

Think of the number associated with your normal band size. Got it? Now go down a size. The band of a strapless bra actually needs to be a little tighter than normal. This helps compensate for the lift that straps would ordinarily provide.

Go wide

Wearing a too-narrow band with a strapless bra can spell a sagging disaster. A good rule of thumb is this: the larger your cup size, the wider the band should be. Extremely well-endowed gals may need bustiers or shapewear as part of their strapless bras, or they risk going without the support they need.

Try outs

Be sure to try your strapless bra with actual clothing before you buy. It’s easy to think that the bra will work with a particular garment, only to have the weight of said garment drag down the bra. At the very least, check the store’s return policy so you can try your new bra on when you get home, and bring it back if it doesn’t suit your wardrobe.