39781522 - woman shopping in fashion storeHave you ever wanted to revamp your entire wardrobe but worried about shocking your friends and family? Did you ever look in your closet and suddenly hate everything? Have no fear – there is a way to reveal your true self through fashion – without giving your loved ones a heart attack in the process.

Build on what you have

Start where you last looked: in your closet. You can’t hate everything – we promise. There must be something in there you like (or can at least live with), even if it’s only basics like neutral shifts or black cardigans. Use these as the building blocks for what will be the rest of your fabulous wardrobe.

Take a trip down memory lane

Get out those old photos albums from mom or grandma’s, and see what kind of clothes you wore as a kid or tween. No, not the horrible fashion mistakes you made. You’re looking for the colors, patterns and textures. What are the similarities? These say a lot about your true fashion self – and what you should be looking for in a new wardrobe.


Many outfits you have work just fine if you add the right accessories. A plain brown shirt becomes instantly glam with a chunky necklace. An off-the-shoulder dress is perfect for a formal occasion with the addition of a bra strap. It all depends on you to take the old and make it look new again!