46310666 - fashion girl smiling portrait. isolated on a white background.Colder seasons are usually when we bust out the sweaters, thick cardigans and overcoats. Who’d dress in anything less or (gasp!) even go bare-shouldered? Well, it turns out there are a few reasons for wanting to do just that this season. This is where a nice bra strap cover comes in handy!

Things are steaming up

Do you live in a house or apartment where the temperature is set automatically? Maybe you live with friends or family who are always cranking up the heat. Regardless, having bare shoulders gives you the ability to keep cool that you can’t live without!

You’re naturally hot

Are you one of those people who’s just naturally hot? Everyone else may complain when the temperatures dip but not you! You’d be comfortable in the tropics — or even the bottom of a volcano. We say, if cold weather doesn’t bother you, why bother covering up?

You just want to look fabulous

Temperatures be darned — you’re going to look amazing even if you have to freeze for it! A true fashion devotee, you don’t let a little thing like “below zero” daunt you. You’ve got great shoulders and you’re going to show them off — whatever the cost.