36054609_MDoes it ever seem like the fashion world is made for people smaller than you are? If you’re blessed with height, but limited in clothing choices, the tips below are especially for you!

Try online

If you find a brand that you like, but they never seem to have styles in your size, try their online site. Many stores carry stock online that they lack in their brick and mortar stores. Go pre-shopping at the malls first, and when something catches your eye, note down the model number for easy lookup later.

Alter first, then wear

If you’re going to hem that sweet new pair of pants you just bought, do it now, rather than later. Don’t wear them say, as capris first, then hem at your leisure. If not, you’re like to get dust or wear stains on them that cause a mismatch to the not-yet-hemmed part later on.

Don’t wear garments as intended

Just because a manufacturer makes a garment for a particular purpose doesn’t mean you have to wear it that way. You’re a tall girl – you have options. If you want to use that midi skirt as a mini because that’s where it falls on your body, well, who’s to stop you?