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Are you too often struck by a case of “Nothing to Wear Syndrome?” It can strike even the healthiest among us, debilitating young women for days, leaving them restless, irritable and with a profound sense of ennui. But what if we told you that your closet could be filled with beautiful new clothes … just by rearranging it?

Keep only what fits you NOW

The first thing to do is get rid of anything that doesn’t fit you RIGHT NOW. If it fit 10 or 15 pounds ago, donate it or give it to a friend (you can always borrow it back from the friend if it does fit you in the future). Holding onto clothes for “someday” only reduces the outfits you can wear in the present.

Get clothing fixed

Do you have several garments in your closet that need to be shortened, lengthened, or have a button or zipper replaced? If they’re only on hold because they need to be repaired, get thee to a tailor! You’ll be surprised at how many new outfit combinations you now have with only a few simple fixes.

Make sure you have the right accessories

The right accessories in your closet can also open up a whole new world of fashion possibilities. Do you have several outfits that would be perfect if only you had the right shoes, belts, or bra strap covers? Get a fun organizer, pop it into your closet and get a hold of these last few items to tie all your outfits together!