40350034 - fashion show

Want to get into the new fashions for 2017? What’s your rush? Sometimes, good things linger, like fond memories, a fine wine or, in this case, fashions from last year!

Knee-high boots

Julia Roberts may have gone a little overboard with the look in the movie “Pretty Woman,” but knee-high (and over-the-knee) boots can still work, even if they’re low-key. Bonus? They keep almost every inch of your legs warm in the chilly winter months!

Big ol’ belts

Forget precious and dainty – the statement belt is here to stay (at least for another year)! Wrap it around dresses, sweaters and other tops for an insta-waist. And if it’s got a bling-y built-out buckle? All the better!

Embroidery everywhere!

There is one place it’s safe to play with tiny details – when they’re embroidered on your ensemble. Everything from jeans to cardigans and in-between is seeing a new age of adding intricacy to your threads – literally!

I’m with the band

Those T-shirts you wore in high school and college depicting your favorite bands are making a comeback! Okay, maybe not the actual bands. Just the T-shirts. Still, it’s one way you can still proclaim your love for them – in a very rock and roll way!