46461450_SIt happens to everyone. You’re on your way to a date, or a party, and disaster strikes. But the well-dressed gal never frets. You know how to save a style in crisis – stat!

You get a stain — big time

Spill red wine down the front of your blouse? There’s no way to cover it up and no spare shirt in sight. But if you’ve got a jacket, you’re in luck. Dry the stain as much as possible and throw the jacket on. If you get too warm, you can even remove the shirt and just wear your new outer layer!

The slip and slide

Shoes a bit too big? No time to search for smaller ones? Have no fear. If you don’t have heel grips on hand (those clear, gel-looking things that resemble flat, chewed bubble gum), hairspray works in a pinch. It’s just sticky enough so that if you spray it on the sole of your foot, it helps it stick to the shoe!

Visible bra straps

Nothing says “tacky” more than visible bra straps. But finding the right bra to go with your outfit (Bandeau? Racerback?) is no easy task. Luckily, there’s a simpler way. Designer bra straps not only cover those pesky suckers, but are actually a quick and easy way to upgrade your outfit!