The air is chillin’, the leaves are changing, and everybody’s headed back to work and/or school. That’s right: It’s the season of . . . pumpkin spice!

Okay, maybe it only seems that way. But we’ve still got fashion tips hotter than a nutmeg-infused latte!

Wear boots

As you crunch over a blanket of foliage, the time for sandals and flip-flops has come and gone. Do go ahead and don those boots you’ve been dying to try. But don’t just stick to stick to black or brown. Mix it up with other autumnal shades like red, orange and even yellow!

Layer up

Layers are a chic gal’s fall go-to. As you move from cozy apartment to windy streets to sweater-worthy office, do make sure your outfit looks fabulous no matter which layer you wear. But don’t get too bulky, or you’ll look like the Michelin Man. The key is to add many thin pieces of clothing as opposed to only one or two thick ones.

Check out

Do check out the weather before venturing outside. Unlike summer, where every day was warm and gorgeous, things can change quickly in the fall. Don’t get caught without a coat or umbrella during that cold snap or downpour!