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Don’t try to eke out the last few cents from expired makeup. Here’s why you should dump past-due products, and put your face first!


In addition to trying to paint your eyelashes with crusty, clumping goo, using expired mascara is an invitation to an eye infection. Get rid of any tubes more than six months old, even if they still have product in them. And to reduce the risk of infection, never share your mascara (even if your BFF begs you)!


Faded color is your biggest concern when it comes to blush gone bad. You won’t get the look you want, despite basting your face in more and more of it (this can also cause the blush to cake if it’s powder). Toss it in the garbage if it’s cream-based and a year old. Powder-based blushes should be dumped after two years.


We all need a little concealer now and then to cover up inevitable facial imperfections. What we don’t need is expired concealer (anything more than two years old). This can lead to uneven color caused by product separation. Breakouts are also a distinct possibility (ewww!) because of the increased risk of bacteria in the product.