48434605 - snow queen over snowy backgroundAre you wondering how to dress for the holidays in a way that’s safe, fun and fashionable? Wonder no more! The answers are below.

Be a shoe-in

Gone are the days when a lady only had to walk from her carriage into her home. Now, you never know what type of terrain you’ll face: icy steps or broken laminate at great-aunt Ida’s. To minimize risk of injury this holiday season, forego the mile-high heels and opt for cute booties with tons of traction.


Layers are great for all seasons but they’re even more important during the holidays. You may not be able to control the temperature in a relative’s house (“Nana says she’s freezing; crank up the thermostat!”). Or perhaps you’ll get invited on a snowy, after-dinner walk by your crush. Hey, you never know!

Pick colors carefully

There’s a reason that jewel tones are so popular during the holidays. Not only do they flatter a variety of sizes and skin tones but they naturally hide stains as well! If you’re going to a big family gathering with lots of people and food, wear a color that disguises stains — without hiding your best assets!