33418626 - a very hot summer day

Okay, ladies, we have to talk about something … intimate. That’s right; it’s those two dirty little words that every girl dreads come summer: bra sweat. It’s unattractive, uncomfortable and downright disgusting. Here are a few tips on how to avoid perspiration around your unmentionables.

Go natural – or not

Natural fabrics, like cotton, often help keep you cooler than a man-made material like spandex. Keep that in mind when shopping for your next bra. However, there are bras with bona fide “moisture wicking technology” that are worth a look. You may find them in the everyday bra section, or the area where you get your sports bras.

Don’t make it too tight

Sometimes, it’s not bra, but the way it squeezes. Whatever kind you’re wearing, make sure it’s not too constricting. It’ll not only make you sweat, but all that moisture and friction will lead to chafing. Those angry red marks aren’t only unsightly, they can be painful – especially when your bra keeps rubbing up against ones you’ve already made!

Layer it up

One last piece of advice to avoid boob sweat, and this one has nothing to do with your bra. It may seem obvious, but avoid sweating in the first place by not wearing garments that are too heavy. If you’re worried about over air-conditioned movie theaters or restaurants, or need a look that goes from day to night, layer with light jackets and sweaters.