38270133 - retty woman plus size

Face it, ladies: Size matters. We can say it doesn’t, but, like so many things, if you’ve got a lot to offer “up front,” you’ll want to take precautions with your personal style.

A way to bridge the gap

If there’s anything a curvy gal hates, it’s button-down shirts that let you see between her buttons. To prevent this, try going for a size larger shirt than you normally wear, and have your tailor take it in a few places besides the chest.

A cinched-in waist

Every lady needs a waist. If you don’t have one create one! Otherwise, tops that skim your large chest will fall in a straight line, giving your outfit a boxy appearance. Having your tailor take in the waist of skirts or pants, or throwing on a cute belt, will give you that coveted hourglass figure.

A balancing act

Whether it be a structured blazer with shoulder pads, or wide-leg pants that skim the floor, you need something to balance out what nature gave you. If you don’t, you risk everyone zeroing in on your biggest asset when you want them to see the whole picture!