44475750 - surprised beauty fashion model girl with colorful dyed hair

These are the hair and makeup trends that deserve your eagle-eye attention this year.

Color me shocked

Bold, playful strokes of color will be all the rage this year. And it isn’t so much the hues themselves as the ways you use them: bright red lips, dark green eyeshadow, striped pink hair. The key is to stick to one shocking statement and keep the rest of your makeup and outfit minimal.

Let’s be blunt

Gone are the feathering of the ’70s and the U-shaped flips of the ’60s. Today’s hair cuts are all about one thing: bluntness. Whether you rock bangs or a bob, “simple” is the name of the game when it comes to fashionable follicles.

The great ’80s

Don’t worry: You can keep your cell phones and forget the crimped hair. The ’80s trends you’re likely to see a resurgence of are draping (vivid blush swiped across the top of the cheekbone) and side ponytails!

Gotta glow!

There’s something about that just-showered look that screams “youth!” Now, you can wear a fresh face all the time: High-sheen lip-gloss and hair serum are replacing the last few seasons’ focus on matte.