The internet is full of articles telling you to “live simply” and “declutter.” All well and good, but here are a few fashionable things you’ll never want to part with (and shouldn’t).

Family heirlooms

Tempted to toss that hideous emerald parrot pin your grandma gave you? Not so fast. It might be worth money someday. But, more importantly, it’s a part of your family history and for that reason alone, it’s worth saving.

Your structured handbag

You may think it’s too big or that it makes you look older than you should. But one of these days, you may have to go to court or a financial planner’s office. And you want them to know you’re a serious, mature woman who means business.

Anything that makes you feel amazing

Prom dress still fit? Skinny jeans you’ll never wear again, but your butt still looks great in them? Keep those suckers. Wearing them out isn’t the point. You’ll never know when you’ll need a pick-me-up, and seeing yourself look fantastic in an outfit may just be the psychological boost you need!