Pink bra isolated on a white backgroundHere are three of the biggest “pain in the boob” culprits.

Whether you’re big busted or pretty n’ petite, all ladies have bra problems at one time or another. In fact, some lingerie problems are universal, like these:

Sizes and shapes vary across brands. Think you can just go from brand to brand, grabbing 32A’s or 44D’s without trying them on? Anyone with two X chromosomes knows better. Sizes and shapes from different designers are never the same, which constantly makes you question their product and your body type.

Failing underwire will stab you in the ribs.
All’s well and good when your underwire bra is new. But when it starts to lose shape and the wires shift, every girl knows the feeling of that slim piece of metal digging into her ribs.

Straps will show.
It’s inevitable – you find the perfect ballet neck (or similar) shirt, only to have it ruined by a visible bra strap. You don’t want to go to an affair looking unkempt, but what do you do? Luckily, designer bra straps are sold separately, so you can cover up those unsightly suckers – and give your outfit a brand-new look. One less bra problem!