Whether it’s your first job or your twenty-first, you want your boss to think you’re the bomb. But without spending a dime more than you have to, natch. Luckily, these tips will have you looking like a million bucks in your bigwig’s eye.

Build on a solid foundation

When it comes to workplace wardrobes, think quality over quantity. Don’t go for those three trendy pencil-skirt-and-blazer combos just because they’re on sale. Save up, and wait until you can afford well-structured pieces that won’t fall apart after a few months in the wash.

Tailor your look

A few dollars spent here and there on tailoring is an insanely cheap way to instantly look pulled-together. Well-fitted clothing seems much more expensive than it is – and makes you look like the responsible, take-charge type.

Buy a good bra

Yes, the boss will never see it, but a quality workplace bra is essential all the same. Not only does it make your figure look better, but your posture as well. Now you’re ready to stand tall when your supervisor hands out that next big assignment.