Young woman in fashion concept

See how to wear this classic style “with flare”

You’ve seen Mad Men-inspired A-lines and mini’s, but now we’re skipping ahead a decade—to the sizzlin’ seventies! That’s right: bell bottoms are back. See how to rock this flared leg for the modern age.

Be high-minded

Unlike low-slung pants, bell bottoms are made to be worn high on the waist. Look for one whose top is nearly level with your navel. You can also go with a mid-rise pair if you absolutely must.

If the shoe fits

Bell bottoms nearly always need to be worn with some kind of heel, otherwise, your feet will seem to disappear and the hem will drag on the ground. Try on a few different shoes with your bell bottoms and see how they look. Hem your new pants to the shoes you’re likely to wear most often with them.

Top it off

The right pair of bell bottoms deserves the right top to go with them. Don’t go baggy and boxy; keep shirts and jackets short to put the emphasis on your new long-and-lean look. If a shirt does hang too far down, tuck it in so you don’t compromise your sassy silhouette!