77765862 - glad woman customer deciding on pretty bra in underwear shop

Ever since people were running around in animal skins, they’ve looked for ways to cover, adorn and flatter their bodies. But the question still remains: how much of this adornment is necessary? Specifically, are certain garments needed in a modern society?


Talk to the fashion police and they’ll tell you that, for certain, bras are a “must” for the trendy gal. Most pieces of clothing are made to be worn with bras. Of course, just because something is made a certain way doesn’t mean you have to use it that way.

Body type

On the other hand, certain body types are particularly well-suited to wearing bras. Busty gals probably can’t imagine getting through the day without them. And if you’re the sporty sort, you’ll want support when you’re doing everything from running marathons to shooting hoops.

Personal choice

In the end, it all boils down to personal choice. It’s true: There can be consequences – both professionally and socially – when it comes to not wearing a bra. But if you find them uncomfortable, unnecessary or just plain don’t like them, there’s currently no law forcing you to wear one!