Take a moment to learn more about bra history…

Throughout history, the brassiere has been closely intertwined with the social status of women. Undergarments, which have defined a woman’s shape, have been integral in popular silhouettes, trends and political/social movements across time and place. As early as the 14th century BC, in the Minoan civilization, bra-like garments were depicted on female athletes. Women were coming up with ways to functionally and decoratively support their – shall we say…bosom – not to mention their goals.

It wasn’t until the late 19th century that the brassiere replaced less than forgiving corsets as the most widely used means of support. In 1907, American Vogue coined the word “brassiere” for the first time. Today, bra manufacturing is a multi-billion dollar industry due in part to the cross over between necessity and fashion.

Fast forward to present day and again, out of necessity and the love of fashion, Perteh was born!

“Why hide the bra straps with that favorite dress, when you can accessorize them!”

After traveling to Sierra Leone in 2011, Vicki and her mother were inspired when they saw a woman gluing stones on to her bra straps as a decoration.

That’s when the a-ha moment happened! Vicki and Beverly quickly recognized a need in the current market, and set out to design a clever way to cover the straps of a favorite fitting bra with removable décorative enhancement. They developed a wide range of bra strap accessories with many styles to choose from and to complement any outfit.

As Perteh has grown, the company has continued to develop additional products. Perteh currently has four patents, one patent pending for bra straps, as well as two patents pending on bras.

Perteh strives to provide women with a unique way to make favorite bras wearable with any outfit. Whether your outfit is formal or casual, Perteh has a design that will easily enhance what you’re wearing – simply place our bra strap accessories on your most comfortable bra and you’re good to go!



Perteh currently has patents and patents pending on straps and  bras.